marine lubricants products

Our wide range of products cover all marine applications, from main engine oils and gear oils to coolants and transmission fluids. Our brands include Taro®️ Ultra, Clarity®️, Delo®️, Havoline®️, Cetus®️ and Meropa®️ and are suitable for a range of off-shore and on-shore applications.

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Main Engine Oils
Coolants & Specialty Products
Bulk Carrier
Auxiliary Products
From automatic transmission fluid to heat transfer oil and outboard engine oil, discover our range of auxiliary products today.

1000 THF
High performance multifunctional tractor hydraulic fluid
Delo® Gear EP-5 SAE 80W-90
Automotive gear lubricant
Havoline® ATF III-H
Proven performance automatic transmission fluid
Havoline® Outboard 2T
Two-cycle outboard engine oil
Texatherm® 32 & 46
Proven performance industrial heat transfer oil
Compressor Oils
Prevent premature wear and tear in your compressors with our wide range of air compressor oils. Explore the range today.

Capella® A 68
High performance fully synthetic refrigeration compressor lubricant
Capella® HFC
High performance refrigeration oils for HFC/FE refrigerants
Capella® Low Temp AB 68
High performance fully synthetic low temperature compressor oil
Capella® WF 32, 68
Super high performance compressor fluids
Cetus® DE 100
Ultra high performance synthetic compressor lubricant
Cetus® PAG
Premium performance PAG based synthetic compressor oil
Cetus® PAO 46, 68
Ultra high performance synthetic compressor fluids
Compressor Oil EP VDL 100
High performance extended life compressor fluid
Coolants & Specialty Products
Discover Delo® antifreeze, coolants and corrosion Inhibitors which provide effective protection for marine engines.

Delo® XLC Antifreeze/Coolant – Concentrate
High performance extended life antifreeze/coolant
Delo® XLI Corrosion Inhibitor – Concentrate
Premium performance extended life corrosion inhibitor
MCLA is an additive package for marine cylinder lubricants
Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants
Our Clarity® EAL’s provide outstanding protection with the advantage of meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements.

Clarity® Synthetic EA Gear Oil 100
High performance biodegradable EPA and VGP-compliant gear oil
Clarity® Synthetic EA Grease 0
High performance environmentally acceptable grease
Clarity® Synthetic EA Grease 2
High performance environmentally acceptable grease
Clarity® Synthetic EA Hydraulic Oil 100
High performance biodegradable EPA and VGP-compliant hydraulic oil
Gear Oils
Discover gear oils that perform in the most demanding of operating conditions to keep your equipment running smoothly.

Premium performance extreme pressure gear lubricants
Meropa® EliteSyn WS
Premium performance synthetic industrial gear lubricant
Meropa® MG
High performance extreme pressure gear lubricant
Meropa® Synthetic WM 320
Synthetic gear oils
Meropa® WG 460
Proven performance compounded industrial gear and steam cylinder oil
Pinnacle® Marine Gear 220
Quality synthetic gear lubricant
Grease/Open Gear Lubricants
Our marine greases and open gear lubricants cover a range of applications including a wide range of multi-purpose options.

Coupling Grease
High performance industrial coupling grease
Delo® Starplex® EP2
High performance long-service multi-purpose grease
Molytex® EP 2
Proven performance extreme pressure multipurpose lithium grease
Multifak® EP
Multi-purpose EP grease
Novatex® EP 2
Proven performance water resistant extreme pressure calcium grease
Rust Proof Compound L
Proven performance anti-corrosive max compound
SRI Grease
High performance high temperature grease
Starplex® EP 3
High performance long-service multi-purpose grease
Proven performance calcium grease
Ulti-Plex® Synthetic EP
High performance high temperature synthetic grease
Hydraulic Oils
Our hydraulic oils will help to keep your hydraulic systems running efficiently. Find the right one for your needs today.

Clarity® Hydraulic Oil AW 100
High performance environmentally sensitive hydraulic oil
Clarity® Synthetic Hydraulic Oil AW
Premium performance high productivity synthetic hydraulic fluid
Hydraulic Oil 5606
High performance general purpose hydraulic oil
Rando® HDZ
Proven performance multi-viscosity anti-wear hydraulic oil
Main Engine Oils
Explore our range of main engine oils which are compatible with virtually every engine option.

Delo® 100 Motor Oil SAE 40
Heavy-duty monograde engine oil
Delo® 1000 Marine
High performance trunk piston diesel engine oil
Delo® 400 MGX SAE 15W-40
High performance heavy-duty engine oil
Delo® 400 SAE 40
Proven performance engine oil
Delo® 400 XSP SAE 5W-40
High-Speed, Four-Stroke Engine Oils
Delo® Gold Ultra SAE 15W-40
High-Speed, Four-Stroke Engine Oils
Delo® SHP
High performance diesel crankcase lubricant
HDAX® 5200 Low Ash Gas Engine Oil SAE 40
High performance low ash gas engine lubricants
HDAX® 9700 SAE 40
Specialty Products
Taro® DP and XL Series
Medium-Speed Engine Oils
Taro® Ultra 100
Slow-Speed Engine Oils
Taro® Ultra 140
Slow-Speed Engine Oils
Taro® Ultra 40
Slow-Speed Engine Oils
Taro® Ultra 70
Slow-Speed Engine Oils
Taro® Ultra Advanced 40
Slow-Speed Engine Oils
Veritas® 800 Marine 30
Slow-Speed Engine Oils
Turbine Oils
Our high-performance marine turbine oils cover gas, steam, and hydroelectric turbines. Find the right one for your equipment.

GST® Premium 32
Super high performance turbine lubricant
Regal® R&O
Premium-quality rust- and oxidation-inhibited turbine oil
Regal® SGT 22
Premium performance synthetic gas turbine lubricant