main engine oils

The majority of vessels operating today are powered by either a two or four stroke trunk piston engine.

To comply with increasing emissions legislation, vessels now run on a range of fuels including low sulphur or high sulphur diesel, or a range of alternatives.

Chevron Marine Lubricants supply lubricating engine oils compatible with virtually every option available, including the regulation ready Taro® Ultra range.

slow-speed, two-stroke, crosshead engine oil

Main Engine Oils
Bulk Carrier
Slow-speed, two-stroke, crosshead engines

Taro® Ultra 100
Slow-Speed Engine Oils
Taro® Ultra 140
Slow-Speed Engine Oils
Taro® Ultra 40
Slow-Speed Engine Oils
Taro® Ultra 70
Slow-Speed Engine Oils
Taro® Ultra Advanced 40
Slow-Speed Engine Oils
Veritas® 800 Marine 30
Slow-Speed Engine Oils

medium-speed, four-stroke trunk piston engine oil

Medium-speed, four-stroke trunk piston engines

Delo® 1000 Marine
High performance trunk piston diesel engine oil
Delo® SHP
High performance diesel crankcase lubricant
HDAX® 5200 Low Ash Gas Engine Oil SAE 40
High performance low ash gas engine lubricants
HDAX® 9700 SAE 40
Specialty Products
Taro® DP and XL Series
Medium-Speed Engine Oils

high-speed, four-stroke engine oil

High-speed, four-stroke engines

Delo® 100 Motor Oil SAE 40
Heavy-duty monograde engine oil
Delo® 400 MGX SAE 15W-40
High performance heavy-duty engine oil
Delo® 400 SAE 40
Proven performance engine oil
Delo® 400 XSP SAE 5W-40
High-Speed, Four-Stroke Engine Oils
Delo® Gold Ultra SAE 15W-40
High-Speed, Four-Stroke Engine Oils