Auxiliary Products
Havoline® ATF III-H
Auxiliary Products
Havoline® ATF III-H

Havoline® ATF III-H is a proven performance Automatic Transmission Fluid formulated for applications that call for the former GM DEXRON®-III H, MERCON® and Allison C-4 fluids. It is formulated with high performance mineral base oils and a specially balanced additive combination to provide exceptional oxidation resistance, extended oil life and good wear protection.

Typical Characteristics
Density at 15°C, kg/l
Kinematic viscosity at 40°C, mm²/s
Kinematic viscosity at 100°C, mm²/s
Viscosity Index
Pour Point °C
Recommended Uses

Havoline ATF III-H is designed for use in automatic transmissions that require a GM DEXRON®-III H type fluid. Although this specification has been made technically obsolete by GM itself, many equipment manufacturers continue to recommend fluids of this type. It can be used in transmissions that require a Ford MERCON® fluid. The product is not recommended for transmissions that require a Ford MERCON® V fluid (this is a separate specification to MERCON®). Due to fundamental differences in frictional properties, it should not be used in applications that require a Ford M2C33-F/G fluid. Havoline ATF III-H is also suitable for use in power steering systems that require a mineral-type Power Steering Fluid. It should not be used in steering or active suspension systems that call for specific semi-synthetic or synthetic fluids, as the response speed may not be sufficiently fast. Havoline ATF III-H may also be used as a wide temperature range anti-wear hydraulic fluid for mobile, industrial and marine applications. The viscosity corresponds to ISO VG 32.

Havoline® ATF III-H Is Approved For:

MAN Truck & Bus 339 Typ V1 (Texamatic 7045E)

Voith H55.6335.3X (Texamatic 7045E/Texamatic 1888)

Havoline® ATF III-H Is Recommended For Use In:

Allison C-4

Ford Mercon

GM DEXRON-III H (DEXRON IIIG for regional equivalent Texamatic 7045E)

Deck cranes/deck machinery applications MacGregor/Cargotec

Automatic reduction gearboxes of life boats and other high speed diesel engines Hyundai Life Boat, Fassmer, Hatecke, Beihai, Norsafe, Schat-Harding, Sabb, Steyr

Performance Benefits

1. Smooth Lock-Ups

Specially tuned friction characteristics, helping to ensure smooth shifting and lock-ups.

2. Good Fluid Lifetime

Good friction durability, making sure that this performance is retained throughout the fluid lifetime.

3. Effective Lubrication At High Temperatures

High Viscosity Index, meaning that the oil will retain sufficient viscosity for effective lubrication even at high operating temperatures.

4. Low-Temperature Fluidity

Great low-temperature fluidity, providing transmission protection during cold weather start-up.

5. Prevents Harmful Sludge

Good oxidation stability, preventing formation of harmful sludge, lacquer or deposits.

6. Protects Against Corrosion

Helps prevent corrosion of automatic transmission fluid coolers.