shipping guide for FAST™ testing samples

As a result of new transport regulations and incomplete documentation, we have observed delays and losses of oil samples sent to our laboratory for FAST™ oil condition monitoring services. See below guidance for oil samples preparation and shipping.


The following documents must be included:

  • Proforma invoice - international shipments require a commercial invoice to categorize the items being shipped: see Proforma here
  • Relevant SDS for used oil samples: see SDS here


This information must be included on the shipping forms:

  • It is important to declare: “Oil sample for lab testing. Not Restricted by I.A.T.A. No commercial value.”
  • Add HS number for shipment to EU — 2710 1999 90 mineral oil.
  • Indicate the value of shipment: EUR1 per sample.
  • Indicate that it is non-hazardous (Flash Point >200°C).


Process to follow:

  • Prepare your samples based on the FAST™ lubricant sample kit instructions guide
  • Each oil sample kit includes a plastic shipping envelope which can be delivered to our lab via the carrier of your choice. Customers sending multiple oil samples are encouraged to pack samples separately but ship them in a single box to ensure all samples arrive together.
  • Use your preferred shipping method - the sender is responsible for delivery cost.
  • Select the correct lab destination via ready to stickers.
    SGS Shanghai
    SGS Antwerp
    Print address labels here
  • Request a tracking number from shipping company to track your shipment until delivery.
  • Once received at the lab and unpacked, FAST™ portal allows you to do a search based on tracking number and follow sample lab status process until final reporting. Login to FAST™