Compressor Oils
Capella® A 68
Compressor Oils
Capella® A 68

Capella® A is a premium synthetic compressor oil specifically designed for the lubrication of ammonia refrigeration compressors operating at high discharge temperatures in systems with extremely low evaporator temperatures. Capella® A is formulated from specially synthesized polyalphaolefin (PAO) base fluids.

Typical Characteristics
ISO Viscosity Grade
Density 15°C, kg/l
Flash Point, °C
Pour Point, °C
Viscosity, kinematic
mm2/s @ 40°C
mm2/s @ 100°C
Viscosity Index
Acid No., mg KOH/g
Recommended Uses

Lubrication of compressors in refrigeration and air-conditioning systems filled with with ammonia, especially where the minimum evaporator temperatures are down to –60°C. The product is particularly suited for reciprocating and screw ammonia compressors operating at discharge temperatures exceeding 100°C.

Capella® A 68 Is Approved For:

ABB Stal Refrigeration AB


Broedrene Gram

Capella® A 68 Is Recommended For Use In:

DIN 51503

British Standard 2626/1992

Performance Benefits

1. Efficient, Trouble-free Operation

Extremely low pour point and freon floc point (below –50°C) help enable fluidity without wax or deposit formation at very low minimum evaporator temperature, even with low solvency of the lubricating oil in the refrigerant. This further contributes to evaporator efficiency and cleanliness of the flow lines. Synthetic polyalphaolefin base fluid provides a very low pour point (–57°C) and less oil thickening even at extremely low temperatures. This helps make the product suitable for operation at the very low evaporator temperatures typical in modern ammonia refrigeration systems, where in addition the solvency of the lubricating oil in the refrigerant is very low. Further, the low oil volatility of the synthetic polyalphaolefin base fluid reduces oil consumption and limits the amount of lubricant carry-over to the evaporator, which results in increased heat transfer efficiency. Additive free formulation prevents production of sludge caused by ammonia soap formation. Low moisture content helps prevent icing in refrigeration expansion valves and deliver maximum corrosion protection.

2. Minimum Downtime

Synthetic polyalphaolefin base fluid provides excellent thermal and chemical stability in the presence of ammonia, avoiding the formation of gum, varnish and sludge deposits.

3. Lower Maintenance Costs

Ultra high viscosity index of synthetic polyalphaolefin base fluid helps provide highest oil viscosity at elevated operating temperatures and maintain fluid film strength for greatest protection against compressor wear.

4. Easier Cold Start-up

Ultra high viscosity index of synthetic polyalphaolefin base fluid helps provide lower viscosity at cold temperatures, reducing cold start-up power requirements.