water treatments

delo® xli and xlc - concentrate cooling water treatment and antifreeze

Extend the life of your engine with OAT corrosion inhibitor technology. Chevron Marine Lubricants has advanced the technical frontiers in marine coolants. The Organic Acid Inhibitor Technology (OAT) in our Delo® XLI cooling water treatment has a very low additive depletion rate, ensuring long-term corrosion protection under all operating conditions. There is no need for supplementary additive top-ups.

Benefits of Delo® XLI Cooling Corrosion Inhibitor  - Concentrate 


  • Unique Organic Acid Inhibitor Technology (OAT)
  • Extended service life saves time and money
  • Minimized maintenance costs
  • Biodegrades by 92% in 18 days
  • Outstanding performance at high temperatures
  • Long life corrosion protection for all engine metals
  • Use as an engine cooling water treatment, flushing fluid, or a hot test fluid for new engine blocks
  • Recommended maximum service intervals of 32,000 hours

Delo® XLC Antifreeze/Coolant – Concentrate


Delo® XLC Antifreeze/Coolant – Concentrate is a cooling fluid and corrosion inhibitor for combustion engines and heat transfer systems. Delo XLC is an ethylene glycol-based fluid that provides maintenance-free protection against freezing, boiling and corrosion.  With patented silicate-free aliphatic acid technology, Delo XLC provides long-life corrosion protection for all engine metals, including aluminum and ferrous alloys. During extensive fleet testing Delo XLC has proven to provide protection for at least 32,000 hours.