Clarity® Synthetic EA Grease 2
Clarity® Synthetic EA Grease 2

Clarity® Synthetic EA Grease is an anhydrous calcium thickened lubricating grease based on biodegradable synthetic esters. The grease contains antioxidants, corrosion inhibitors and EP/AW additives. The thickener, together with the biodegradable esters, makes the product suitable for the lubrication of bearings in wet and corrosive environments, even at low temperatures. The lubricating grease has excellent adhesion and water resistance.

Typical Characteristics
NLGI Grade
Thickener type
Anhydrous Calcium
Base oil type
Synthetic ester
Base oil viscosity at 40°C, mm²/s
Base oil viscosity at 100°C, mm²/s
Dropping point, °C
Density at 15°C, kg/l
Recommended Uses

Clarity Synthetic EA Grease is a modern and versatile, high performance EAL grease developed for a wide variety of applications where environmental sensitivity and biodegradability may benefit operations or actually be a requirement due to legislative demands. Whilst primarily aimed at the marine market, Clarity Synthetic EA Grease can also be used in various markets, for example it can be used to lubricate the steering or chassis components of Forestry, Agriculture and Construction vehicles as well as saw chains within the Forestry segment, where a biodegradable grease is required. For the Marine market Clarity Synthetic EA Grease can be recommended for a range of plain and rolling element bearings or slide ways on a variety of on-deck equipment. It is also important to note that Clarity Synthetic EA Grease has good low temperature mobility, and is therefore suitable for use in most modern centralised lubrication systems. The product is especially suited for applications where risks of contamination of the soil, waters or channels can occur. Note: Maintaining a clean work environment is critical when equipment greasing is performed. Grease fittings should be wiped clean prior to grease injection to prevent contaminants from entering the equipment. Bearing housings should be maintained one-third to one-half full of grease. Over-greasing should be avoided because it can result in an excessive amount of heat being produced. Periodic relubrication via grease gun or centralized system should be supplemented by complete cleaning and packing with fresh grease on an appropriate schedule. Operating temperature: –40°C up to 100°C (Max. 100°C for a short period)

Clarity® Synthetic EA Grease 2 Is Approved For:

SS 155470-listing Eco-label

Van der Velden Rudder carrier

Nippon Pillar Packing Rudder carrier

Wärtsilä Japan Rudder carrier

Dongtai Oceangoing Marine Fittings Rudder carrier

Nakashima Propeller

Masada Crane

Clarity® Synthetic EA Grease 2 Is Recommended For Use In:

2013 VGP

ISO 12924 L-XD(F)BIB2

DIN 51 502 KPE2G-40

Becker Marine systems

Boom pins and pulleys on cranes

Anchor winches

Wire ropes

Bearings of deck equipment

Cargo door hinges

Thruster and rudder bearings

Open gear or rack & pinion systems where the conditions of operation do not require dedicated products containing solid lubricant technology

Performance Benefits

1. Readily biodegradable

Meets the requirements of the EPA Vessel General Permit (VGP 2013) for biodegradation, low toxicity and low bioaccumulation.

2. Excellent water resistance

High dropping point minimizes leakage from bearings at elevated temperatures and oxidation resistance ensures long grease life. Natural water resistance of the thickener, combined with the additional tackiness additive, prevents water washout.

3. Good corrosion resistance

Provides long-life protection against most forms of corrosion on the majority of metals.

4. Multipurpose

Satisfies all grease requirements of the majority of marine equipment.