Gear Oils
Meropa® WG 460
Gear Oils
Meropa® WG 460

Meropa® WG 460 is a proven performance, high viscosity industrial gear and steam cylinder oil, with low carbon residue, compounded with selected fatty oils and combined with rust and foam inhibitors. It is formulated for steam cylinder and valve lubrication, where the steam is wet or of poor quality.

Typical Characteristics
Kinematic Viscosity at 40°C, mm²/s
Kinematic Viscosity at 100°C, mm²/s
Viscosity Index
Flash Point, °C
Pour point, °C (ASTM D97)
Recommended Uses

Meropa WG 460 is recommended for use on heavily loaded industrial worm gear sets, low speed heavily loaded spur and helical gears, low speed or high temperature bearings and steam cylinder and valve lubrication where the seam is wet or of poor quality (see service consideration below).

Meropa® WG 460 Is Approved For:

Certified/licensed by NSF as lubricants where there is no possibility of food contact (H2) in and around food processing areas (applicable for Europe, plus the regional equivalent Cylinder Oil WG 460)

Meropa® WG 460 Is Recommended For Use In:

ANSI/AGMA Standard 9005-EO2-CP (in Europe, plus the regional equivalent Cylinder Oil WG 460)

Ariel and other types of gas compressors cylinder lubrication

Performance Benefits

1. Helps to Promote Gear Longevity

High oil film strength and viscosity offers protection against worm gear, steam cylinder and valve surface wear, rust and corrosion.

2. Robust Protection Over Surfaces

Reliable steam and condensate separation and good atomization properties helps to ensure oil offers robust protection over surfaces.

3. Smooth Lubricant Delivery

Dependable anti-foam performance promotes smooth lubricant delivery to vulnerable working surfaces.

4. Good Oxidation Stability

Good oxidation and thermal stability helps resist oil breakdown and promotes improved performance with extended oil service life.