Greases/Open Gear Lubricants
Starplex® EP 3
Greases/Open Gear Lubricants
Starplex® EP 3

Starplex® EP 3 Starplex EP 3 is a high performance long-service multipurpose lead-free grease, formulated for long-term service in roller-and ball-bearing applications, operating at high temperatures and under high loads. With a wide operating temperature range, Starplex EP 3 is formulated with mineral base stocks with temperature resistant lithium complex soap thickener, combined with EP additives and wear, corrosion and oxidation inhibitors. Starplex EP 3 offers good mechanical stability and is suited to bearing lubrication under conditions where strong vibrations are present.

Typical Characteristics
NLGI Grade
Soap type
Lithium Complex
Penetration worked, mm/10
Dropping Point, °C
Base oil type
Base oil viscosity at 40°C, mm²/s
Copper corrosion, 24h/100°C
Emcor distilled water
Four ball weld load, N
Four Ball Wear, mm
Water resistance static
1 - 90
Recommended Uses

Starplex EP 3 grease is used for lubricating machines and components which are subjected to high thermal and mechanical loads over a long service life. It has been tested in applications involving extreme pressures, vibrations and impact stress, wet conditions, dust, and in the presence of plastic seals. This product largely covers the applications of conventional lithium, sodium and calcium greases, as well as of aluminum and calcium complex greases. Starplex EP 3 can be a substitute for various grease types, therefore reducing the number of greases that must be kept in storage. Operating temperature: –20°C up to 150°C with frequent re-lubrication up to 200°C for a short period of time

Starplex® EP 3 Is Recommended For Use In:

DIN 51825 KP 3 P-20

DIN 51825 KP 3 P-20

Automobile wheel bearings and generators

Clutch thrust bearings

Brake cylinders

Fan bearings

Electric motors

Kiln cars

Rollers in drying plants

Paper machines

Washing and dish washing machines

Special do-it-yourself machines

Household appliances

Performance Benefits

1. Wide Temperature Range Application

Formulated to promote long-term lubrication performance in wide temperature conditions and reliable thermal performance contributes robust protection under high temperature conditions.

2. Long Bearing Service Life

Mechanical stability helps maintain lubrication performance in bearings which are subject to strong vibrations. High pressure load capacity promotes long-term wear resistance.

3. Protects Metal Surfaces

Assists long-term corrosion protection where moisture, water or aggressive atmospheres are present.

4. Improves Equipment Life

Good sealing characteristics help protect lubrication points from dust, dirt and water. Tough, adhesive oil film performance aids long-term component protection.