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The FAST™ family of solutions are backed with monitoring tools and technical clarity that will help future proof your operation and keep your engine running smoothly. Providing vital data reviewed by marine technical specialists, we help you better understand what is going on inside your engine and critical onboard equipment.


Regular maintenance can extend the operational life of your critical assets. This doesn't just save you money; it helps your operations become more reliable as well. We have developed our innovative FAST™ family of technical services to enable you to take action before problems occur. We understand the impact of change, and tailor lubricants programs to each individual customer, helping meet the challenges of the marine shipping industry of today.

FAST is a comprehensive lubrication program, helping you to achieve maximum performance and predict problems before they arise. Receive user-friendly reports of routine lubricant samples within 8 to 24 hours and recommendations from technical experts. 

The FAST Onboard test kit offers both new and experienced condition monitoring practitioners a compact, portable and simple array of tests to quickly and accurately trend the performance of the oils used aboard their vessels.

It is more important than ever to balance conditions within your engine. DOT.FAST gives you the ability to optimize cylinder oil consumption as fuel oil quality varies, and minimize wear by adjusting the lubricant base number.

"By performing an annual review of the fleet oil analysis data we have found a real opportunity to reveal hidden issues"

Michael Gu Xinjun
Fleet Manager, Asia Maritime Pacific Shanghai

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