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FAST™ OnBoard offers the solution

A primary goal for vessel operators today is reduction of operating and maintenance costs. Eliminating unnecessary and avoidable downtime can be achieved throught the adoption of regular and simple on-board testing. The earliest detection of changes in the chemical and physical properties of fuels and lubricants allows for immediate decisions to be made on corrective action that could be the difference between a costly catastrophic failure or cost-effective planned maintenance.


The FAST OnBoard test kit from Chevron Marine Lubricants offers both new and experienced condition monitoring practitioners a compact, portable and simple array of tests to quickly and accurately trend the performance of the oils used aboard their vessels.


Why should you use equipment moinitoring systems?

  • Identifies the earliest onset of change in the condition of your asset
  • Allows engineers to take immediate action depending on results
  • Enables identification and use of correct grades and types of oil
  • Encourages a monitoring culture on-board vessels


Regular testing of critical operating equipment saves costsAsset optimization begins with FAST™ OnBoard.

benefits of FAST™ OnBoard

  • Portable, lightweight, robust kit
  • Fast and easy to use
  • For lubricants, hydraulic, gear, compressor and fuel oil
  • Greater optimization when used alongside DOT.FAST®
  • Immediate test results, no ‘lab lag’
  • Continuity in sampling and testing regimeKey oil parameters monitoredNon-hazardous reagents
  • Supplied with full instruction manual
  • Allows the user to monitor trends

multi-parameter test features

The supplied water test cell, with its easy-to-read digital display, provides instructions and results at various concentrations from 200–10,000 ppm, 0–10%.Base


Utilising the same reaction cell used for water, the FAST OnBoard Kit reports the used BN value for oils up to 150BN.


Chromatography papers easily display the soot/carbon build-up in the system. Increased viscosity, poor oil dispersancy or blocked filters could be the cause.


Viscosity Comparator
Recognised as one of the most important oil characteristics, the Viscostick provides a direct comparison of a used oil viscosity against a sample of the new oil, helping to identify fuel dilution, oxidation, emulsification issues.


Salt Water Determination
A simple colour change pad easily indicates Sodium Chloride contamination from seawater.

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