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Maritime transportation accounts for 90% of global trade, and shipping is at the forefront of a period of unprecedented change. Our industry-leading field experience of products for alternative fuels including LNG and Methanol, and our understanding of their market complexities, are why our customers know they can rely on us.

From technological developments to market insights, we look at the trends and global forces impacting customers in easily digestible reports you can download today.

HDAX® 9700, can be used with both gaseous fuels, such as Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and low sulphur liquid fuels, such as distillate and biofuels, without the need to match one oil to one fuel.


Chevron Marine Products' new lubricating oil has a lot to offer, and this is highlighted in a White Paper that outlines how four stroke engine operators can benefit from the new lubricating oil's versatility.

London, UK, June 2022  – Ship operators will need thermally resilient, low-ash formulations and high cleaning performance from cylinder oils as they begin to use more advanced engines and new fuels, according to a new white paper published by Chevron Marine Lubricants.


The report, The Future of Marine Two-Stroke Engine Lubrication, features input from engine designers, MAN Energy Solutions and WinGD as well as the International Council on Combustion Engines, CIMAC. The result is a wide-ranging perspective funnelling into sharp insights on how emerging engine designs and the growing use of sustainable fuels will affect cylinder condition.