Bulk Carrier
Deck Equipment

1000 THF
High performance multifunctional tractor hydraulic fluid
Clarity® Synthetic EA Gear Oil 100
High performance biodegradable EPA and VGP-compliant gear oil
Clarity® Synthetic EA Grease
High performance environmentally acceptable grease
Clarity® Synthetic EA Hydraulic Oil 100
High performance biodegradable EPA and VGP-compliant hydraulic oil
Coupling Grease
High performance industrial coupling grease
Delo® Gear EP-5 SAE 80W-90
Automotive gear lubricant
Delo® Starplex® EP2
High performance long-service multi-purpose grease
Havoline® ATF III-H
Proven performance automatic transmission fluid
Havoline® Outboard 2T
Two-cycle outboard engine oil
Premium performance extreme pressure gear lubricants
Meropa® EliteSyn WS
Premium performance synthetic industrial gear lubricant
Meropa® MG
High performance extreme pressure gear lubricant
Meropa® Synthetic EP 150
High performance industrial EP gear and circulating oil
Meropa® Synthetic WM 320
Synthetic gear oils
Meropa® WG 460
Proven performance compounded industrial gear and steam cylinder oil
Molytex® EP 2
Proven performance extreme pressure multipurpose lithium grease
Multifak® EP
Multi-purpose EP grease
Novatex® EP 2
Proven performance water resistant extreme pressure calcium grease
Pinnacle® Marine Gear 220
Quality synthetic gear lubricant
Rando® HDZ
Proven performance multi-viscosity anti-wear hydraulic oil
Rust Proof Compound L
Proven performance anti-corrosive max compound
SRI Grease
High performance high temperature grease
Starplex® EP 3
High performance long-service multi-purpose grease
Texatherm® 32 & 46
Proven performance industrial heat transfer oil
Proven performance calcium grease
Ulti-Plex® Synthetic EP
High performance high temperature synthetic grease