taro® ultra marine engine lubricants

Chevron Marine’s Taro® Ultra family is a range of new generation cylinder oils, providing the reassurance of a global lubrication solution for virtually every fuel eventuality. Taro Ultra helps you to optimise cylinder performance, maximise corrosion protection and maintain engine cleanliness.

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Taro Ultra — formulated to cope with the demands and provide the flexibility needed post IMO 2020 implementation. Developed and field tested for over 75,000 hours in a range of 2-stroke engines and vessel applications using a variety of bunker fuels, including 0.50% sulfur blends, alternative and hybrid fuels as well as traditional bunker fuels to mirror almost all future operations. Major OEMs recommend using an oil condition monitoring program such as DOT.FAST to ensure continued good performance and minimize feedrates. Our strong working relationships with major marine OEMs provides the reassurance you expect from Chevron Marine Lubricants.

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Taro® Ultra range Taro® Ultra range