changes to grease products

to improve customer experience, a refreshed branding system will help identify products by the type of thickening agent

Chevron Marine Products announces refreshed branding for its line of grease products, featuring new naming and packaging which delivers a more seamless product selection process for customers. This product optimization aims to future proof its product line to serve today’s equipment needs and help to meet the needs of tomorrow. Customers can be assured that the quality and performance of Chevron’s greases will remain the same.

Chevron’s grease products will feature package designs with a simplified naming structure that categorizes products by the thickening agent used in the product. The new packaging also provides additional product information making it easier than ever for customers to access the right product for their needs. The restructured grease portfolio:

simple lithium

including MULTIFAK® and ULTRA-DUTY®, heavy-duty multi-purpose greases for extreme-pressure applications.

lithium complex

featuring STARPLEX® grease, good for extra-duty, heavy-duty and extreme pressure applications.


including BLACK PEARL® and SRI grease product line, for filled-for-life and high-speed motor applications. 


including TEXCLAD® and MARFAK grease, an extra-duty product for sprayable applications.

In the long term, our strategy is to offer a diverse portfolio across thickener types that can meet the needs of our customers and be suitable for a wide range of applications, both now and in the future. ‘Overall, Chevron’s portfolio of greases will be streamlined to simplify the product selection process for customers’ said Matthew Lynch, Senior Manager, Global Lubricants Product & Technology.

Marine customers can expect to see the changes when it is rolled out in their respective supply region/port. We shall reflect the name change in the Lube Chart and on the World Port Directory when the global transition is complete. Meanwhile, the current product names will remain.

The list of current marine product greases undergoing this name change:

Current Product Name
New Product Name
Clarity Synthetic EA Grease 0
Marfak Bio EliteSyn HD 0
Clarity Synthetic EA Grease
Marfak Bio EliteSyn HD 2
Ulti-Plex Synthetic Grease EP
Starplex Syn HD 1.5
Texclad 2°
Marfak XD 2 M 3
Molytex EP 2 & Multifak Moly EP 2
Multifak EP 2 M 3
Moly Grease EP 2
Starplex EP 2 M 3
Coupling Grease
Multifak CG
SRI Grease 2†
Black Pearl SRI 2

* Texclad 2 name will continue in US supply points only.
† SRI Grease name will continue in AP supply points. Customers can also reach out to their sales account managers for further information.