chevron marine people profile: chang sob lee

Chang Sob Lee Chang Sob Lee
please tell us about what you do at chevron and your journey with the company so far

Prior to joining Chevron, I worked as a marine engineer for three years. I have been a part of the Chevron Marine Lubricants team for around 21 years.

I began my career with the company as Sales Coordinator and supported Chevron Marine Lubricants sales in Korea, as well as assisting Chevron's contracted new building vessels at a Korean shipyard.


After becoming an Account Manager, my role was focused on Chevron Marine Lubricants sales, improving volumes and margins. I have been in my current role as a New Build Specialist for about 10 years, managing and improving the New Build process for the Chevron New Build business. 

what is your most rewarding project to date?

To-date, my most rewarding project would be when I was working with the Marine Lubricants technical team for the field testing of Chevron's newly developed main engine cylinder oils (Taro Ultra 20 and Taro Ultra Advance 40) in relation to the use of different types of fuel on board ships. We were able to build a strong partnership with the customer by providing Chevron's advanced technology.

what do you think is the biggest challenge facing the industry at the moment?

The maritime industry faces several issues and challenges, including stricter regulations, energy transition demands, and technological advances. The maritime industry must work together to successfully address and adapt to these common maritime challenges.

what piece of advice would you give to someone starting out in your industry?

This industry is not limited to one geographical location, but rather deals with shipping companies across the globe, offering a wide range of possibilities to learn and grow your career.  Don't hesitate to take up the challenge.

what do you admire about the chevron marine lubricants brand?

Chevron Marine Lubricants always deliver world class reliability in our products, services and technology.  Chevron focuses on total solutions - the technical offering and supply reliability.

what specialised skills, knowledge and/or talents do you use in your work?

As a former marine engineer, my knowledge of the shipping industry, and ship operations enable me to consider the customer’s perspective when having discussions with shipping companies and shipyards owners. It also allows me to better understand Chevron's values and goals.