chevron marine people profile: bert van cleemput

Bert Van Cleemput Bert Van Cleemput
please tell us about what you do at chevron and your journey with the company so far

I joined Texaco in 2001, shortly before it merged with Chevron. My entire tenure has been within the marine and power generation sectors. Initially, I took on the role of Technical Field Specialist, a position I held for the first half of my career. In this capacity, I provided technical support to our marine and power generation customers. Additionally, I organised numerous in-house technical training sessions for our sales teams to enhance their technical expertise, and I played a key role in developing and supporting services for our marine business.


In 2013, I transitioned to the role of Account Manager, focusing initially on the Danish market. Over time, my responsibilities expanded to include accounts in Norway and the Benelux countries. Earlier this year, I was appointed to oversee our global strategic accounts and initiatives related to the energy transition, marking a significant milestone in my career with Chevron.

what do you believe chevron marine has to offer customers?

Chevron Marine is committed to delivering value to our customers through what we refer to as 'Human Energy.' This embodies our team's passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment to achieving complete customer satisfaction and ensuring operational reliability. Despite our relatively small size, our team's lean structure enables us to maintain a deep commitment to our clients. Our primary goal is to establish strong, long-term partnerships that are founded on trust and a genuine concern for our clients' business needs. We prioritise maintaining close relationships with our customers, focusing on direct and prompt communication.

what aspect of your role do you find most rewarding?

The most rewarding aspect of my role is the teamwork and the collective success we achieve, which brings value to both Chevron and our customers. It is gratifying to witness the high level of appreciation from our customers for the service we provide, underpinned by trust and mutual respect. I take pride in differentiating our services from the competition by facilitating collaboration among various internal stakeholders to enhance the overall value delivered to our customers. As an account manager, I thoroughly enjoy utilising my network within Chevron to act as a conduit and enabler between Chevron and our customers, embodying the One Chevron mindset.

what goals do you have within the company?

My loyalty to the marine industry remains unwavering, and I am still deeply passionate about my work in this sector. It provides me with drive, energy, and satisfaction daily, as I engage with our customers, interact with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), and collaborate with colleagues across different business units. What I love about this industry is its breadth, covering numerous applications and its global scope, which significantly impacts how the world evolves.


Given the continually evolving nature of the marine sector, I have no intentions of pursuing a career outside this field. My future roles may vary, potentially focusing more on commercial aspects, delving deeper into technical areas,  or a blend of both. The marine industry remains a diverse and exciting work environment, with ongoing developments, new daily challenges, and the pleasure of working with fantastic colleagues.

what is your most rewarding project to date?

The most rewarding project I have had the privilege to be a part of was the co-development and launch of our DOT.FAST Service between 2006 and 2007. This initiative was particularly fulfilling as it was endorsed by the leading marine engine manufacturer, MAN ES, as a very reliable and accurate onboard drip oil analyser available who finally decided to distribute our analyzer via their own PrimeServ network. I take great pride in the continued relevance and value that the DOT.FAST Service offers to our business and our customers. Its significance is even more pronounced today with the advent of future fuels, which has sparked renewed interest in the service from the industry.

what do you think is the biggest challenge facing the industry at the moment?

The biggest challenge facing the marine industry today is navigating the energy transition towards achieving net zero emissions by 2050. The immediate concern for both shipping companies and energy suppliers revolves around making strategic investments for the future. Deciding which low carbon fuel technologies to invest in is particularly challenging, given the current uncertainties surrounding future fuel prices, availability, infrastructure, and safety considerations.

who do you most admire and why?

I greatly admire many of my colleagues and the customers I interact with daily, who display remarkable drive and professionalism in their efforts to ensure the marine industry remains a safe and reliable working environment. The camaraderie within this sector is particularly noteworthy; everyone is approachable, shares a common language and aims towards a seamlessly functioning system between suppliers and shipping customers.

what piece of advice would you give to someone starting out in your industry?

To those entering the marine industry, I advise you to be curious and passionate about your work. Build your network, embrace creativity, and do not fear making mistakes—instead, learn from them. Most importantly, find joy and energy in what you do.

what’s the best piece of professional advice you’ve ever received?

One of the first pieces of professional advice I received, which has stayed with me, was when I began as a new business developer in another industry: "Always clearly put your name and signature under all your work to claim the results and gain the recognition you deserve." This advice has been a guiding principle throughout my career.

what behaviour or personality trait do you most attribute your success, and why?

My success in the marine industry can largely be attributed to my perseverance, creativity, practical mindset, and a strong orientation towards service and teamwork. These traits have been instrumental in forging and sustaining successful partnerships with customers, ensuring that they receive the most reliable service and creative solutions during challenges.

who do you most like to follow on social or listen to on a podcast?

Although I have not yet ventured into listening to podcasts, I actively follow my customers and industry peers on social media platforms, primarily LinkedIn and occasionally, Facebook. LinkedIn is invaluable for gaining insights not just into the business activities of customers, but also into their company cultures, enhancing both personal and professional understanding.