chevron marine people profile: afrodite stamou

Afrodite Stamou Afrodite Stamou
please tell us about what you do at chevron marine and your journey with the company so far

I have been an Inside Sales Representative at Chevron Marine for more than 17 years, providing high quality service to my customers by using my knowledge and expertise to meet their needs and achieve results that exceed expectations for both customers and Chevron. I joined Chevron Marine immediately after the completion of my studies in Chemical Engineering, and for more than three years, I was an Account Manager trainee, in parallel with my main role in Customer Service.

what do you believe chevron marine has to offer customers?

I believe Chevron Marine offers customers high performance marine lubricants, helps deliver solutions for their needs, high quality services, and technology and innovative digital solutions for their unique requirements.

what’s the best piece of professional advice you’ve ever received?

Treat your customers and colleagues with respect, listen carefully to understand their needs and use your creativity to provide solutions.

what behaviour or personality trait do you most attribute your success, and why?

My patience, attention to detail, speed, proactiveness, analytical skills and the ability to simplify processes, have offered me the means to consistent high performance that keeps my customers satisfied and loyal to our company.