How FAST™ works

Sampling process guide

The advantages of using FAST™ reports for managing and monitoring the condition of all lubricated equipmenton board are numerous:


  • Accurate results on diverse test packages and flexibility for specialized testing procedures
  • Reliable interpretations of test results and actionable recommendations based on the data
  • Reports which have been optimized for readability
  • Expert advice on reports via helpdesk:
  • Samples are tested at our dedicated ISO certified laboratories in Belgium and China
  • Cost-effective standard and specialty tests
  • Online access to complete historical records (downloadable through Excel® 5.0 or higher)


Our state-of-the-art laboratories in Antwerp and Shanghai use barcode reading to improve precision and increase sample throughput. The analysis always includes the metal content for a complete range of metals, such as wear metals and additive metals. We constantly monitor and calibrate our analytical equipment with reference samples. But we don't just rely on the latest technology. Our marine lubricant experts review every report and add commentary where appropriate. 


Sampling and mailing couldn't be easier. Just put your samples in the labelled vials, then send them in the pre-addressed sample bag to our Antwerp laboratory, or use the address label for our China location. For technical questions contact your local representative.


Delivery addresses

All samples should be sent with an accompanying used oil Safety Data Sheet.

New Delivery Address New Delivery Address

Chevron Marine Lubricants - FAST PROGRAM
SGS Belgium NV

Polderdijkweg 16.

B-2030 Antwerpen


For couriers
Contact: Receptionist
Tel: +32 (0)478962712

*For all samples done globally that are NOT landed in mainland China.

Chevron Marine Lubricants – FAST PROGRAM
SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services Co,. Ltd
No.88 Pugong Road, Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park,
Shanghai, 201507

For couriers
Contact: Fountain Luo 罗春芳
Tel: +86 (21)60276363

*For samples ONLY landed in mainland China.