How FAST Works


Sampling and mailing couldn't be easier. Just put your samples in the pre-labeled vials, then send the vials to us using pre-labeled mailers.


Our state-of-the-art laboratory in Ghent uses barcode reading to improve precision and increase sample throughput. The analysis always includes the metal content for a complete range of metals (wear metals, additive metals, etc.). We constantly monitor and calibrate our analytical equipment with reference samples. But we don't just rely on the latest technology. Our marine lubricant experts review every report and add commentary where appropriate.


  • Easy-to read reports are sent immediately upon completion to your personal e-mail address, the fax in your office, or any combination of addresses you wish.
  • E-mail is marked so you can see at a glance whether action is required. An icon in the top right corner of faxed reports indicates the need for immediate action.
  • FAST provides data results as well as diagnostic comments by in-house experts.

FAST Access via the Internet

With your own password-protected web page, you can access:

  • Recent reports with easy-to-read graphs, including Base Number, Pentane Insoluble Material, Viscosity at 40°C, Iron and Copper Content, and Acid Number (where applicable)
  • Historical data on vessels and equipment for use in your own studies, presentations and reports
  • Directions for electronic receipt of analysis reports by e-mail or fax, according to your preference
  • To access your FAST account, click here

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