Barge deliveries at Port of Shanghai

Despite a challenging year for everyone, we have been able to meet customer demand and continue to drive on improving our supply capabilities in Shanghai, a key trading point in the East China Sea and the world’s biggest container port. As of December 2020, customers will be able to receive barge deliveries of lubricants at the Port of Shanghai, allowing for deliveries of bulk quantities. The capability of true bulk supplies in Shanghai reinforces our commitment to continuously improve our supply capabilities in the region and respond to customer needs with agility. 

Optimized supply

The project came to fruition thanks to careful planning and negotiation by Chevron’s supply chain and sales teams, based in Singapore and China.


Providing customers with barge deliveries will reduce lead times, the waste associated with package orders such as IBC’s and increase efficiency of large volume orders.


The barge is managed by our delivery agent Chimbusco Pan National Petro-Chemical Co. Ltd, a bunker service with a strong presence in the region. The Hai Gong You 30 was built in 2009 and has capacity for 400KL of lubricant. Orders are subject to minimum requirements and customers should consult their local representative for further information.


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