Greases/Open Gear Lubricants


Coupling Grease®

A tacky lithium grease specifically designed for lubrication of industrial flexible couplings

Multifak® EP

Multipurpose, extreme pressure lithium grease

Starplex® EP 3

A high performance long-service multipurpose lead-free grease

Delo® Starplex® EP2 & EP3

Heavy duty chassis and wheel bearing grease

Novatex® EP 2

A water resistant extreme pressure calcium-12-hydroxystearate grease.


Smooth water-stabilized calcium grease

Molytex® EP 2

Multipurpose, extreme pressure lithium grease

SRI Grease

Specially formulated grease containing a highly refined paraffinic base oil

Ulti-Plex® Synthetic EP

Multipurpose, high-performance grease