* Taro® Special HT Ultra combats severe corrosion on the M/T Seriana
Customer Benefit Study: Neda Maritime
Tanker adopts Chevron’s ultra-high BN Taro® Special HT Ultra to combat severe corrosion, resulting in a 30% reduction in feed rates and savings for operator Neda Maritime.
* Chevron expertise solves cold corrosion issues
Customer Benefit Study: AMP
When dry bulk shipping company Asia Maritime Pacific Shanghai turned to Chevron to help solve a cold corrosion issue on two of its ships, Chevron was able to significantly improve the operation of the main engine with its specialised approach to lubricant solutions.
* HDAX 5200: Tallink’s tale of LNG transformation
Customer Benefit Study: Tallink
The choices facing ship owners opting to use LNG are not always complicated. But getting it right remains critical. Nowhere is this more evident than on Estonian ferry operator AS Tallink Grupp’s fast link between Tallinn and the Finnish capital of Helsinki.